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Booking and Management:

Joe Hermes Booking Information

What type of performance are you inquiring about?
Full Band
Date and time of the performance
Load-in time
Soundcheck time

Equipment and Setup Information

Sound and lighting (please see sound and lighting specs at the bottom of this page before completing this section) Check all boxes that apply.

Technical Rider

1. Venue is responsible for all necessary legal permits, permissions, and approvals.

2. Cancellation by the purchaser two weeks before the performance day of any engagements listed in this contract will require compensation of 50% of the total agreed-upon compensation as a cancellation fee. 

3. The performer may not cancel this contract except for proven inability to perform due to sickness, accident, acts of war, acts of God or other legitimate causes beyond their control.

4. The purchaser shall be responsible for all musical equipment and sound equipment used by the performer in his performance in the event of fire, proven theft, riot, or any damaging occurrence other than normal wear and tear or damage caused by the performer.

5. Purchaser acknowledges that the stage (if provided) is safe, level, and solid.

6. Purchaser acknowledges that all power supplies are grounded with a minimum of two 20 amp available circuits (for full band and/or with band providing sound and lights).

7. Outdoor shows will require overhead canopy or full protective covering for band equipment in the event of rain, hail, (or an inevitable meteor strike).

Sound/Lighting Rider

Sound (if provided): 

1. Sound engineer (if provided) must be fully trained and competent to operate sound without impairment.

2. Indoor sound requires ability to gain no less than 60dB full-balanced range of 20hz-20khz.

3. Outdoor sound requires ability to gain no less than 90dB full-balanced range of 20hz-20khz.

4. 6-channel reliable FOH mixer is required for the acoustic show.

5. 32 channel reliable FOH mixer is required for the full band.

6. Mixer must have phantom power on each channel.

7. Each FOH channel must have these available and reliable effects:

     a. reverb

     b. digital delay

     c. gate

     d. compressor/limiter

     e. parametric eq for each channel

Lighting (if provided):

1. Lighting engineer (if provided) must be fully trained and competent to operate lights without impairment.

2. Lights must have the capability to fully light the entirety of of the stage with front lighting facing the performers.

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